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Krypt World 6 Insight


Blitz and his Team of extraordinary Superheros are set out to be a strong force in the galaxy which takes part in a multi-galactical and never endingwar.

What do you get when you have an Orc an Amazon a medival Knight and well a Vampire ninja kind of Superhero?Excactly you get Team Resurrect. Its not a typo its not something like Team Rescue! No its called Team Resurrect cause well if you take a closer look on its Founding Member you start to understand that the word resurrect is meant quite literal.

Super powers and in some cases godlike powers is a must have for a group that is fighting all of the horros and monsters from Space.


Team Resurrect is founded


This is Blitz and yes he just learned how to fly! Pretty goo timing i would say, as a horde of Zombies attacked the city. in Typical blit zfashion a yellow lightning appears out of the sky soaking in the attention of the brain rotten foes! Find out how he managed to come out of this!

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