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The Mystical Tale Of The Vampire Legend Blitz

Who is Blitz and was he always on Earth?

To learn about Blitz’s origin we need to dive back into the ancient past .

Blitz’s origin and powers are not explained as easy as you might think. Yes he is able to do a lot of stuff and in theory he would be capable of learning nearly everything there is. Our story though wont reach such point, at least not any time soon! Its more about the way you can aquire new knowledge and how you can use to your benefit. Is it really worth for me learning a certain skill? Will i utilyze it in the near fututre? These are questions that Blitz even with all of his might has to face sometis on the daily.

Furthermore to understand Blitz’s powers we need to highlight first, that there are Cosmic Forces, that basically are ruling over the galaxie in generel. These Cosmic Forces, besides being infinitivly strong, where there from the beginning. Ruled by the one. Again these Forces such as gravity, time, space, love, hate just to give a couple examples, give the universe its life and meaning. Only through their co-existence and intaglement all of this even possible.

More coming soon!

Kind Regards Team Resurrect

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