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The Hero and his Journey which leads to Mysterious Paths and Decisions


This is an Insight


Hi its Blitz here, the guy on the right. Finally I can welcome you to my Website where im going to keep you posted on all the latest VFX content surrounding my CBM Resurrect! and all the other stuff im currently doing. I really love Fantasy and Science Fiction and i hope it do it justice!

Trying to be innovative and i will make some awsome storys for all of you! 

Currently residing in Germany

upcoming VFX-Artist


Upcoming Exhibitions

National Art Gallery, Dublin

October – November 2020

Blue Box Gallery, London

May – July 2020

John Malkovic Gallery, Berlin

May – July 2020

Painting Workshop

Acrylic Painting Techniques
Painting Tools Included

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Currenlty Residing on Earth..

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