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How did Blitz get his powers and what does it mean for his Body? Where did he find such an extraordinary Team of fellow Heros?

The Journey begins!

Super Heros, Galactical battles and fantasy right here


Creativity. Im trying to create a 3D Movie World with a lot of different awsome Characters such as Knights Warriors, Sorcerers, Amzaons and Witches of all kind!


In the near future you will be able to look at some of the models and other stuff I do for the movie I want to make. Support me here!


You are interested in my joining my crew? Then feel free to check out my contact and send me an E-Mail for further inquiries

Featured Artwork

Sith at Work

Finally i achieved to get this look even it isnt rendered in the best quality yet. I really love this kind of Acrylic on Canvas style in VFX

Abstract Flight

Blitz arriving at a lets say a quite critical situation. Zombies are attacking the City and Blitz needs to show his new aquired Power to safe the day.


About the Artist

Hi my name is Blitz and im the cretaor of this Website. I am an aspiring VFX Artist and everything I bring to life will land on here so I hope you can enjoy this content!

This is an overline

Resurrect! and KryptWorld Exhibition

Organic growth deep dive but circle back or but what’s the real problem we’re trying to solve here?


Location KryptWorld6 somewhere in space..